Question: What’s the process for designing a website with Innova Media?

Answer: Although each project is different, they all involve the same steps.

Step 1 – Concept Development: Discuss with the client their goals for the site as well as key features they would like to have included in their website. In most cases, clients have examples of other websites they like or don’t like as examples.

Step 2 – Proposal/Estimate: Innova Media’s designer generates an estimate and proposal outlining the main components of the website and contact terms. The client reviews the proposal to ensure that all their needs are addressed. Once the cleint has accepted the proposal, they submit a signed contract to Innova Media.

Step 3 – Initial Mockup: The designer will create a graphic “mockup” of what the site will look like and submits it to the client for input/approval. Usually during this stage the customer will prepare their content for the site (text, photos, etc) so they will be ready when needed by the designer.

Step 4 – Site Creation: Once the mockup has been approved, the designer will create the final graphics and create the code for the site to prepare it for the content from the customer.

Step 5 – Revisions: The designer will post the completed site on our development server and send the client a link for them to review the entire site before making it “live” to the public. At this point the client should inform the designer of any changes/updates they would like made to the content.

Step 6 – Publication “Going Live”: Once the client’s revisions have been made and the site is approved the files will be uploaded to the public server to make the site live.

Question: What are the payment terms for a website design project?

Answer: In most cases, when a client approves a proposal and estimate a signed contract and 50% deposit is due prior to work beginning on the inital mockup. The remainder of the balance is due upon completon of the project.

Question: Where can I find tutorials for using the hosting features (email setup, domain parking, etc.)?

Answer: Our tutorials section can be found at

Question: Can I sign up for hosting online or do I have to contact Innova Media, Inc. to setup my account?

Answer: You can create an account online 24/7 using our automated system. Just click the “Buy Now” button on the plan you want to select and follow the steps. You can even pay instantly online using Paypal.